Sustainable livelihoods begin with the ability to exercise control over the natural resources on which one depends. This continues to be a major issues related to the forest and natural resource conservation for the world communities, specially the major forest bearing countries. Northeastern region of India is such an area with divers ethnic groups; most of them are forest dwellers and their livelihoods are largely depended on forest and other natural resources of the region. As the region is a Biodiversity Hotspot, it is very important to protect its pristine forests and aquatic resources, but at the same time it is equally important to find out an amicable solution about supporting the livelihoods of the forest dependent communities. Dolphin Foundation has been working on sustainable livelihoods development issues for last 14 years, mainly targeting protection of PAs under its Species Conservation Program.  

Sustainable Livelihoods Generation Programs undertaken by Dolphin Foundation :

1. Promotion of indigenous methods of fishing using non-destructive fishing crafts

2. Promotion of Community Forests in the fringe of PAs

3. Promotion of Handloom

4. Promotion of Sericulture

5. Promotion of Apiiculture