Sustainable livelihood generation Programme

Sustainable livelihoods begin with the ability to exercise control over the natural resources on which one depends. This continues to be a major issues related to the forest and natural resource conservation for the world communities, specially the major forest bearing countries. Northeastern region of India is such an area with divers ethnic groups; most of them are forest dwellers and their livelihoods are largely depended on forest and other natural resources of the region. ....

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 Indian Leopards are in Distress

   The population of Indian Leopard (Panthera pardus fusca) was once widely distributed in the Indian subcontinent. he species was distributed in the tropical rain forests, dry deciduous forests, temperate forests and northern coniferous forest of India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and part of Pakistan. It is amongst the five big cats found in India apart from Asiatic lion, Bengal tiger, snow leopard and clouded leopard. Once the species was very common and found in most part of the country. Because of its ever shrinking........ 

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Rapid shrinkage of habitat is the main cause of Human Elephant Conflict in Assam

Elephants are among the most unique and charismatic mammals that inhabit the Asian jungle. They are both biologically and culturally important animal of Asia, which share an integral part of the religion and culture of most of the Asian countries from historical times. 

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Ensuring food secirity for the natural resource dependent marginal households in India


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 Conservation of Fish Diversity in Brahmaputra River inside Assam

   The northeast region of India is known as the one of the richest area of the world in terms of bio-diversity. Being in a heavy rainfall zone and blessed with innumerable snow-fed streams and rivers, the region is well-known for fish diversity. The hill streams have poor but distinctive fish fauna, while the floodplain rivers of the region harbor over two hundred species of fish and other aquatic fauna, including the endangered freshwater dolphin...... 

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Scope for Collaboration
Conservation of Fish Diversity in Brahmaputra River inside Assam

34 Rhinos have been slaughtered in the current year
34 Rhinos have been killed by the poachers up to mid of Nov 14 as per the latest report.

Recruitment in Dolphin Foundation
Few Recruitment for Research Position

Rhino died after two day fight with muds in Kaziranga
Rhino died after two day fight with muds in Kaziranga

Eight new Bird species in India is listed as threatened
Eight more Bird species in the Country has been listed as threatened species by IUCN

Manas may regain its "World Heitage site, In Danger " tag again
The World Heritage Site Manas, may regain its " in danger" tag again

Rhino Killed at Kaziranga on 9 july 2014
Another Rhino was killed by Poacher.

Forest Coverage in Assam Decreases
According to the recent report released by MoEF, the forest cover of Assam decreases....

Good News for Manas
Recent studies have identified more than 50 herpatofauna from Manas National Park

One Poacher Killed at Kaziranga
One Poacher Killed at Kaziranga National Park on 2/7/2014.


Dear Friends,

Livelihoods of the rural poor in India has always been continuously at stake despite of all the efforts made by government even after 67 years of independence of the nation. 

  Assam State Forest Department
  Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF)
  Ministry of Environment & Forest
  US Fish & Wildlife Service