Manas Conservation Programme

Conservation of Manas National Park & Tiger Reserve has been a priority area for Dolphin Foundation since the year 2000. The Foundation was only organization that started to work on Manas, specially on the community inter-phase aspects, after the decade long ethnic unrest. The organization has been successful in achieving the goal it set for this great park and most importantly, its program for Manas restoration was the ice-breaker in restarting the conservation movement to bring back the park to its original place of glory. Moreover, the integrated approach of the Foundation was also the path shower as well as the confidence building program for other conservation organizations of the region, who have now come forward in a great way to work for the restoration of the park.

The Manas Conservation program of Dolphin Foundation is an integrated approach to conserve the endangered and endemic species and their precious habitat in the park, with special focus on conservation of Tiger, Asian Elephant, Rhino, Primates and Avifauna and their habitat through development, participation, motivation, HRD of the fringe village communities living at the vicinity of the park. Alternative sustainable livelihood generation for the forest dependent fringe village communities has been a major activity of the current program along with the conservation education initiatives.   

Details about the program can be found in the following links –

A. Tiger conservation programme

1)Sustainable Livelihood Generation Programme ……..
    a. Handloom development programme
    b. Sericulture development programme
    c. Community Forest Development Programme
    d. Apiculture Conservation Programme 

2)Conservation Awareness and Environment Education

3) Educational Infrastructure Development

B. Asian Elephant Conservation Programme
C. Avifauna Conservation programme
D. Primate Conservation programme 

Initiative for conservation of Pabitora Wildlife Santuary :

Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the major Protected Areas of Assam for its One Horned Rhinoceros population. Dolphin Foundation has been working on various aspects for conservation of Rhinoceros habitat of the sanctuary. For details please click on the following link.

A. One Horned Rhinoceros Conservation Programme

B. Grassland Conservation programme