Promotion of handloom has been continuously a major Sustainable Livelihood Generation Program of Dolphin Foundation. Handloom as small-scale industry is a proven livelihood in improving the health of the rural economy in Assam. The most important aspect of handloom is that the entire benefits directly go to the weavers without any middle party. The capital investment required is also very less. Local handloom products have also very good market demand in both rural as well as in urban areas because handloom products are traditionally used in Assam. The main idea of this program is to develop and promote handloom weaving with the help of modern technique and to bring it to a economy driven small scale industry in the fringe areas of PAs and thereby to help the poor womenfolk to earn through the handloom generation and make them able to contribute to the family income.

                 The interested women of the forest fringe areas were imparted training on advanced weaving methods. A few Handloom Training Centres were established in these areas for the purpose. The successful trainees were awarded with certificates. Over 200 Weaving Self-Help Groups were already formed and donated with Fly Shuttle Handloom set and yarn to each one of them for starting the weaving business. The Weaving Self-Help Groups were also provided with market-based supports for marketing their products. The program has already covered about 700 women.