Apiculture or Beekeeping has been considered as one of the most widely accepted alternative or subsidiary livelihoods for the rural population in India, specially it is an age old tradition for the northeastern region of the country. Although honey has a very good demand in Indian as well as in International market, beekeeping is still practiced at a very low level in the region, basically for household consumption only. This is probably because of lack of initiatives at all the level, improper policies, lack of technical know-how and most importantly lack of financial scopes at the rural level.

Considering its viability, Dolphin Foundation has been promoting Apiculture as an Alternative Sustainable Livelihoods for the rural poor, specially for the forest dependent communities living in the fringe of the Protected Areas. The target communities have been given necessary trainings on the technical aspects of Beekeeping involving trainers from govt. agencies, providing scientific Bee Hives (Scientific Beekeeping Box) besides generating awareness and motivating people about the benefit of the Apiculture. Pamphlets on technical aspects of Beekeeping and on the financial scope have been developed and widely distributed among the people. Exhibitions, Stakeholders’ Consultation Workshops etc. were organized for popularization of Apiculture as an alternative sustainable livelihood. Market links, product up-gradation tips etc are also being provided to the interested people for promotion of Beekeeping as a rural livelihood.