HRD program of Dolphin Foundation is aimed to build the capacity at the local level to promote conservation of PAs across the northeastern region and also to ensure the involvement of the local communities in the conservation movement. The program has already offered training over 100 educated unemployed village youths living in the periphery of the PAs of Assam.

HRD activities so far taken up by Dolphin Foundation –

1.Orientation Training for village youths for carrying out different activities of conservation – wildlife & habitat survey, conservation awareness and Environment Education camps, anti-depredation methods etc.
2.Training for conducting PRA type of Questionnaire survey in the villages. Training on rapport building techniques with the communities for creating good wills for conservation.
HRD program also covered over thousand fringe village women of the peripheral areas of PAs, with special aim of involving womenfolk in conservation.
Capacity Building program for the Research Personnel on Asian Elephant Conservation:

Visit to Sri Lanka to study the effective Human-Elephant Conflicts Mitigation Projects :

A study team of 3 elephant conservationist from Dolphin Foundation had visited Sri Lanka and studied 5 different projects which have successfully managing Human-Elephant Conflicts (HEC) in Sri Lanka and had exchanged ideas and got acquainted with the techniques being used by that country. The organization will try these new techniques in various HEC areas of India, mainly in the northeast region to mitigate wide-scale elephant depredation. Based on the study, new strategies are being developed for implementation through the future Asian elephant conservation projects to be undertaken by the Foundation.