The focal area of operation for Dolphin Foundation has been the entire North Eastern region of India comprising of eight states – Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura & Sikkim. Northeastern region of India has been recognized as a “Biodiversity Hotspot”. The region under the Eastern Himalayan Eco-region complex, is unique for its wonderful flora and fauna and it also forms a part of the Indo-Burma Hot Spot as identified by the Conservation International. Moreover, the region is a part of the Mac Arthur Eastern Himalaya Bio-geographic Zone. This natural uniqueness of the region has co-existed with its diverse cultural heritage comprised of various ethnic groups. Majority of these ethnic groups are still dependent on the natural resources and they have a long relationship with the forest. The region is also best known as a reservoir of traditional knowledge which supports more than 80% of the livelihood means of the indigenous people. But this entire area is still underdeveloped and socio-economically poor. Lack of right policies in place to tackle the issues like population explosion and consequent gradual increase in demand for resources and living space and lack of livelihood opportunities compelled the people to depend more on the forest of the region. Social unrests for the cause of developmental rights are causing socio-political situations inconvenient for Biodiversity conservation. Moreover, unabated illegal immigration is becoming a burning problem as it gradually eating up the valuable land areas at a considerable pace and the local poor people have to fight for their indigenous rights. All these have ultimately taken its toll on the natural forests and resources of the region. Thus Dolphin Foundation came into being to work on these issues to support this important region of the country for its preservation and social development in a sustainable way.   During the last 22 years of existence the organization has shown a great feat in the line of nature conservation and its present work area has been extended to various other related fields.