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 Avifauna Conservation programme 


Northeastern region of India has been described as the paradise for both migratory and resident birds, mainly the water bird species. Out of 1250 species of bird recorded in India, 946 are reported to be found in the State of Assam, some of them area critically endangered and endemic to the region. But due to rapid deterioration and shrinking of water bodies many of the important bird species has already lost their ideal habitat and for many more are their way.  The Pink Headed duck, one the most endangered species has already been reported to be extinct before ornithologist could know more about its biology. Conservation of bird has been a major challenge for the conservationist all over the world which require cooperation and supports from every corner of the society. The most important factor for conservation of birds is to make people at large aware about the need of bird conservation and to build up their real interest on the subject. 

Dolphin Foundation has been working on conservation of birds since its inception. Field Studies of river dolphin have always been associated with water birds as both the animal share the same ecologic niche to meet their feeding needs.                

The following are the activities carried out Dolphin Foundation for Avifauna conservation in northeastern region :

  • Study on the associated feeding behavior of River Turn (Sterna aurantia) with  Ganges River Dolphin in Brahmaputra.

  • Annual study of water birds found on the riverbank of Brahmaputra drainage system.

  • Organize bird watching camps for school students, youths and other interested people, manly in the forest fringe areas (Pabitora Wildlife Sanctuary, Manas National Park etc.)

  • Popularization of Bird Watching Hobby among the primary schools teachers of Assam with the aim of reaching to a large section of the school children.

  • Development of different awareness and educational materials on bird conservation.

  • Developed one bird watching manual for the beginner bird watcher.   

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